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Competence in precision engineering for more than 125 years

We are an experienced manufacturer of precision engineering and are specialised in high precision gearing since we were founded in 1883.

From a wooden gear with a diameter of 500 millimeters to a small helical gear with a diameter of only 0.9 milimeters and module 0,10 all intermediate steps are possible.

Starting with wood, all kinds of plastics to non ferrous metals to high-tensile steels all sorts of materials are possible.

Our customers act worldwide and are known for their premium and reliable products. They are found in all branches of optics, precision engineering, medical engineering and engineering.

We design, produce and test in-house from one single unit up to line production. Our favorable assortment of gears and straight racks makes our customer´s prototyping and line production easy.

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Feel free to order printed copies of our catalogue and pricelist via the contact form. You may also want to download them as PDFs via the following page:

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Wir sind Partner der Hessischen Initiative zur Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Pflege.



Business activities

Our business activities offer a wide range of possible manufacturing.

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CAD library

We offer a collection of our parts as complete CAD-files as a special service.

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Impressions of a tradition

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