Individual production-checklist

In this list you will find our whole program as well as gear wheels that are in stock together with their specifications. All measurements are given in millimeters.

About questions and orders of special parts we beg for our checklist of specifications. If possible, add a sample or a precise dimension sketch.

For deposit positions it is of course sufficient to give deposit number and number of pieces. The prices are graduated for number of pieces per sort and measurements.

Checklist for questions and orders for special parts

  • Send a sample, model and/or a detailed technical drawing
  • Number of pieces
  • Teeth generation
  • Material (marking of DIN or ISO standard)
  • Tip diameter and reference diameter
  • Number of teeth or number of worms or gearing module of pitch or lead
  • Direction and roughly size of helix angle
  • Form of tooth if it is not another than involute cylindrical gear or bevel gear with 20°normal pressure angle of german DIN 876 or 58400 standard
  • Facewidth or milling length, overall length
  • Hubdiameter and length or axle diameter and length
  • Measurement of bore hole + measurement of keybed if necessary
  • Shaft angle of bevel wheels and spiral wheels if it is not 90°
  • Centre distance or cone distance; locating distance
  • Tolerance specification or quality of DIN 3962 and 58405 Sh. 2 - 4 german standard
  • Breadth, height, milling length and overall length of racks and the length of the non-milled ends of racks
  • About complete apparatuses, models etc. please send detailed drawings.

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