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Cylindrical gears with nave

straight geared

Material ETG 100/88 resp. Delrin/POM | Modul 0,3 only in ETG 100/88 | Bore always in H7

Fitting straight cylindrical gears without nave, sraight insiede wheels and straight helical racks.

Order straight cylindrical gears with nave per mail to or use our contact form:

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Find our straight cylindrical gears in different moduls:

Modul 0,3
Facewidth 2 mm
Length of nave 6 mm
Length overall 8 mm

Modul 0,5
Facewidth 5 mm
Length of nave 4 mm
Length overall 9 mm

Modul 0,7
Facewidth 7 mm
Length of nave 6 mm
Length overall 13 mm

Modul 1
Facewidth 10 mm
Length of nave 8 mm
Length overall 18 mm

Modul 1,5
Facewidth 17 mm
Length of nave 13 mm
Length overall 30 mm