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Checklist for
individual manufacturing

Precise and high-precision gears and special parts are required in a wide variety of dimensions, tooth pitches, tooth shapes and materials. In many cases, a custom-made product is required. Of course, it is also possible to manufacture your special part, for example as a replacement for out-of-stock spare parts.

For inquiries and orders for your special components, please refer to our checklist. If possible, always include a sample and/or an exact dimension drawing. For our stock parts, it is of course sufficient to state the order number and quantity. Prices are staggered according to the quantity of each type/dimension.

Checklist for questions and orders for special parts

  • Send a sample, model and/or a detailed technical drawing
  • Number of pieces
  • Teeth generation
  • Material (marking of DIN or ISO standard)
  • Tip diameter and reference diameter
  • Number of teeth or number of worms or gearing
  • module of pitch or lead
  • Direction and roughly size of helix angle
  • Form of tooth if it is not another than involute cylindrical gear or bevel gear with 20°normal pressure angle of german DIN 876 or 58400 standard
  • Facewidth or milling length, overall length
  • Hubdiameter and length or axle diameter and length
  • Measurement of bore hole + measurement of keybed if necessary
  • Shaft angle of bevel wheels and spiral wheels if it is not 90°
  • Centre distance or cone distance; locating distance
  • Tolerance specification or quality of DIN 3962 and 58405 Sh. 2 - 4 german standard
  • Breadth, height, milling length and overall length of racks and the length of the non-milled ends of racks
  • About complete apparatuses, models etc. please send detailed drawings.

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